Creativity in designs and colours, a great craftsmanship tradition and technological innovation mark the weaving of each fabric of Carnet's collections, leaving room for eclectic essential features and an alchemy of noble materials up to the surprise at the moment of choice.

This is the way men's and women's collections are created, expressing the essence of Carnet's style beyond changing fashion, for an approach to dressing tailored to the individual, which depends on the pleasure of exploring, finding and combining the items of clothing in one's own wardrobe.

Carnet Woman

A woman with style

Carnet combines colours, tactile experiences and modern aspects, is inspired by new trends, but also by nature and tradition, where designs and shades blend with technology and refined taste in perfectly balanced collections.

The COUTURE interpretation by Carnet

Every season Carnet Couture offers a new vision of elegance. Rich and precious fabrics, with an artisan touch, as an expression of Carnet's excellence. 

Attention to detail and refined finishes are important aspects to create clothes with a sophisticated, elegant and functional image.

Fashion: expression of style and beauty

The latest fashion trends, timeless patterns, combined with style, colour, research and innovation give life to collections intended for modern women, attentive to their own style.

Carnet Style thus offers a wide range of fine Made-in-Italy fabrics, to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele.

Ungaro's haute couture

With Ungaro Première, Carnet is pleased to create and distribute worldwide a collection of haute couture fabrics by Emanuel Ungaro.

Bright, contrasting printed colours, together with a sinuous mix of fancy patterns and rich fabrics, characterise the collections created by the expertise shared with the style office in Avenue Montaigne.

Carnet Men

Modern gentlemen

Carnet offers men's drapery intended for modern gentlemen, with over 40 bunches, each with its own style, its own language, a different way of experiencing contemporary elegance, ranging from cotton to velvet to the most precious wools.

A wide range of fabrics to create tailored suits and jackets, which are fundamental garments for modern gentlemen.

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