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How can I purchase on the website?
You have to be registered to buy on this website.

How can I register on the website?
Go to “Become a Client” section and complete the form. Our Customer Service will contact you.

I am a private individual, can I purchase?
Website is dedicated exclusively to industry professionals. We invite you to contact our Customer Service so that they might refer you to our nearest dealer.

I am already a customer of yours, but I didn’t receive my logon credentials.
Existing customers have been automatically activated. If you have not received your credentials yet, please contact our Customer Service in the “Contact Support” section.

I forgot my logon password.
Please insert your e-mail address in the logon form, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

I forgot my account e-mail.
Please contact our Customer Service by completing the form in the “Contact Support” section or by calling +39 0318866111

What is your Privacy Policy?
Please consult our dedicated section “Privacy and Cookies”


Are price lists the same of the traditional channel?
Yes, clients have already been assigned the same price list as the traditional channel, with the exception of promotional campaigns and/or events, exclusive to the website.

Are prices only in Euro? Do they include VAT?
Prices on this website are in Euro and exclude VAT. It is not possible to purchase in other currencies.

Should I expect to bear other charges beyond VAT and shipping costs?
Purchases inside European Union do not have any other charges beyond VAT and shipping costs. Outside the European Union, the regulations of individual countries may include taxes, and/or duties on purchases, which are not included in the prices listed on this website. Therefore they are at customer’s charge.

Why don’t prices appear after I log on?
The product is part of a catalogue for which you don’t have a price list assigned. Please in this case contact our Customer Service for further information.


Is there a minimum order?
Yes, the minimum order is 50 centimeters.

Is it possible to receive samples?
To order samples, please contact our Customer Service.

How do I place an order?
To place an order, add chosen items and quantity to your shopping cart. Once you have finished, your shopping cart will be displayed at check-out for you to confirm your purchase. Supply conditions are the same of the traditional channel.

Can I add a note when I purchase an item?
When you add an item to your shopping cart you can add a note in the “Cutting Note” field. It will be reported on tag and invoice. It can be useful to distinguish different cuttings of same item, which otherwise would be added together.

Can I add a reference to my order?
In your shopping cart summary at check out, you can add your own reference in the dedicated field “Purchase Order Reference”. It can be useful to match it with your internal code.

What does it mean to purchase by panel?
Panel items are provided with panel size in “Product Details”. By choosing the number of panels, the system calculates the correct length. Price is always expressed by the meter.

What is the meaning of the message “Your order will be divided between several pieces”?
In this case it is not possible to supply the indicated quantity from a single piece. We request you to subdivide the purchase in quantities that fit the length of the pieces available in stock. To consult piece sizes click on “show availability” in “Product Details”. You can subdivide your purchase by using the field “Cutting Note”.

Can I know the availability of the goods?
In “Product Details” it is indicated the availability at the moment of the order. You can consult the detail of availability per piece by clicking on “show availability”. A product currently not available can be purchased if its status is “In Restocking”

A product is indicated as “Out of Stock”. What does it mean?
A product is out of stock when it is not available anymore and it is not going to be restocked. A product out of stock cannot be purchased.

A product is indicated as “Running Low”. What does it mean?
A product is running low when only a little quantity is available and it is not going to be restocked. Only the quantity in stock can be purchased.

A product is indicated as “In Restocking”. What does it mean?
A product is in restocking when, in addition to the existing availability, it is expected to be restocked. A product in restocking can be purchased, but its delivery lead time will start from the date indicated in the “Product Details”.

Can I modify or delete an order?
An order can be deleted of modified only if the goods have not been cut. You can delete or modify the order directly on the website until check-out. For an order already confirmed at checkout, it is necessary to contact our Customer Service.

How do I know if my order is confirmed?
You can find your order status in the “Order History and details” section.

Can I check the progress of my order?
In the “Order History and details” section you can check the progress of every order of yours, even the ones transmitted through the traditional channel. An order is always showed with one of the following progress statuses:

• Entered: the order is confirmed

• On hold: the order is correct but our Customer Service is checking it

• Blocked: the order is not correct in one of its components. You will be contacted by our Customer Service

• Cancelled: the order has been cancelled

• Shipped: the order has been shipped. If you have chosen our courier you will see the tracking number

• On replenishment: the item are not currently in our stock, please check the item details to know if it will be restocked.

• Invoiced: the order has been shipped and invoiced. It is possible to view the invoice.

• Payment under finalization: the payment has been notified but it is pending

• Paid: the invoice payment has been confirmed

Why can’t I see the invoice after checkout?
Invoice will be issued by the system and shipped with the goods. You will view it in your order history.


Can I pay with by card?
Payment methods and terms are the same as the traditional channel. For this reason credit card payment is not allowed.

When can I use promotional vouchers?
You can insert promotional voucher codes when you are confirming your order.


Are shipping costs different from the traditional channel?
Shipping costs, conditions and timing are the same as the traditional channel.

Can I track my order shipment?
For deliveries with our courier you can find the tracking number in the “Order History and details” section.

Can I choose a different courier?
Yes, contact our Customer Service

Can I ship my order to a different address?
The address of the registered company is the main shipping address. You can add more shipping addresses in your profile or directly during check-out.

What should I check when I receive my order?
You shall check if the parcel is intact, without visible damages. Also check that the number of the parcels indicated on the delivery documents matches with the number of parcels actually delivered. In case of differences, please notify it to the courier in the specific delivery form and contact our Customer Service.


What are the procedures for complaints or returns?
In case of complaint about a supply or a request for return, please consult our General Sales Conditions in the “Terms and Conditions” section.
To activate the procedure, you can find the specific form in the “Contact Support” section.


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