The world of printed fabrics

The world of printed fabrics


The world of printed fabrics

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In Carnet’s soul there are two universes which together bring to life something unique. Tradition means modernity, managing to coexist in an equilibrium which is continuously evolving in the search for beauty and quality, above all in the field of printed fabrics.

The production chain

Carnet’s printed fabrics express all the culture of Italy, with a production of textiles which follow the seasons, managing to keep up with fashion trends, without taking anything away from that eternal refinement which tailored garments have.

From the production of printed fabrics to colouring and up to finishing, Carnet moves among flowers, geometric designs and colours, all to create the best possible combination between the type of fabric and the printed design which the tailor’s expert hand can harmonise in a precious and unique style.

An assembly line which brings with it so much know-how and ability in creating something innovative for every collection, which can continually refresh our wardrobes.

Identity and style of printed fabrics

The printed fabrics for clothing of the Carnet collections move in various directions, can provide inspiration for every type of clothing, from the coloured and exuberant lining of a jacket, to formal trousers that are perfect for the office, ranging right up to the most elegant cuts for formalwear. In this colourful world, Carnet is positioned at the centre, by taking up the nuances of style as well as those of the colours, helping one’s personality to emerge in the simplest garment.

The all-round vision of the Carnet world is also reflected in the innovative way with which it presents itself to its clients. Italian know-how meets the modern digital world through the Carnet website. This lets its clients connect with the brand in an optimal way through a personalised portal. The presence of printed fabrics online lets Carnet reach its tailors by offering them a cutting-edge instrument, which is useful and practical in order to navigate its collections while completely respecting Italian tailoring tradition.

Discover all our fabrics, which are the result of quality, creativity and endless passion

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