The dictionary of fabrics according to Carnet

The dictionary of fabrics according to Carnet


The dictionary of fabrics according to Carnet

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When we talk about a dictionary of fabrics, understood as knowledge of the culture and the meaning of the Carnet collections, for men and women, we need to think beyond the etymological definition of the term. We need to describe the style codes, between weft and warp, in addition to their language with infinite variations.

The essence of the dictionary of fabrics

A is for ambition, Carnet fabrics are the best way to stand out and feel like “something more”, sticking out from the crowd. A motion of the soul that, backed by an excellent tailor-made service, gives substance to a desire and an idea. 

B is for beauty, which emanates from the weaving of weft and warp threads to find its natural dimension in the loose, naturally softened lines, and the very best materials.

C is for clothing, whether a formal suit, leisurewear, or sportswear. In any case, the maximum comfort, dynamism and functionality are guaranteed by the qualities of the fine fabrics used.

D is for duo, or today’s classic two-piece suit consisting of a jacket and trousers made from the same flannel or grisaille fabric. At first glance they may seem to offer little room for creativity, however pockets, cuffs and smalls details actually open up infinite possibilities for interpretation.

E is for elegance, each fabric becomes a second skin that marks the boundary between fashion trends and personal style, making each suit or jacket unique and special. In these cases, it is the combination of the fabric by the yard and the tailor’s hand that brings this concept to life.

F is for noble fibres, those found behind every successful suit, discovered in ancient times but only recognised and appreciated since the 1920s, especially in Europe. The first to use them were English tailors, who for a long time had the monopoly of the most elegant and precious fabrics. 

G is for globalisation: Carnet fabric is the prefect passport to make you feel at ease wherever you are. They can be found at the best tailors in the world, so that everyone can access the symbol of elegance without boundaries

H is for cultural heritage, at the basis of every design before being woven on the loom. This is the culture of beauty that ensures that Carnet collections never become dated, instead, knowing how to best interpret the symbols and trends of each era.

I is for innovation, almost as if it were the thread that binds the tactile emotions felt when you touch a fabric and the production logic behind these masterpieces. This means that the fabrics in Carnet’s collections always have some novelty, responding to all the needs of men’s and women’s wardrobes.  

L is for the labour, behind every inch in the construction of each fabric. Whether the fabric is wool, silk or cotton, the results are achieved by those who invest and believe in genius and creativity, not limiting themselves to today, but also designing fashions for the years to come.

M is for made to measure, understood as a pure expression of personal taste in clothing. A choice always enhanced by fabrics that are far from excess, culminating in an authentic style that blends freedom with aesthetics, both cultural and expressive.

N is for natural, an essential characteristic of the Carnet collections in which positive vibrations are mixed to give life to fresh, soft and light fabrics, combining the finest wools, cottons and silks with the brilliance of the chromatic shades.

O is for original, because the fabrics gathered in the Carnet bunch are never boring or predictable. Their design is the result of research not only on historical archives or studies in the field of fashion and design, but on everything the “revolves around” the concept of beauty.

P is for passion, the same that pervades the entire Carnet collection, made even more tangible by the use of fine natural fibres such as wool, linen and silk, for a renewed ease (long forgotten) in which softness and comfort give the clothes an unconventional touch.

Q is for quality, confirming the high artisan and creative experience of Carnet, whose constant efforts to propose unique fabrics is the key to winning over the hearts of an increasingly demanding and multifaceted clientele.

R is for rich backgrounds and weaves, so that every single fabric becomes a small masterpiece in the hands of the tailor, who will bring out the intrinsic qualities of the fabric itself through experience and good taste.

S is for style: each fabric in the Carnet collection is always the expression of a lifestyle, reflecting at the same time the personality of the wearer. It is the greater style that becomes greater quality.

T is for textiles and for touch, the most delicate of the five senses to tell a story that unfolds, with a gentle pace, along the yards of the Carnet collections, involving this sense more than any other. From this perspective, the classic fabrics transform pure elegance into the pleasure of dressing and the ease of everyday life. Every fabric comes in a series of variations, thanks to the fluidity of the weave and the liquidity of the colours. 

U is for unique, to be read as the result of the careful study and research carried out by the Carnet style office and all of the tailors and garment makers who will take care of these fabrics. Although differing in type, all of the garments are characterised by a unique and never-the-same effect, becoming a real object of desire.

V is for vice, to the extent that you cannot help but walk into the tailor’s shop and choose one of the fabrics from the Carnet bunch! In fact, the variations of the collection offer an infinite range of possibilities, the result of a decade-long tradition and constant dialogue with fashion ateliers. 

Z is for Zen, to be understood as the art of knowing how to wait for a small masterpiece to be made. Indeed, attention and patience are the basic ingredients of a suit, in addition to the fabric. The secrets behind the beauty of tailoring are the details and the time needed to bring a garment to perfection.

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