Natural fabrics: a choice that affects the health of the environment

Natural fabrics: a choice that affects the health of the environment


Natural fabrics: a choice that affects the health of the environment

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The philosophy of Carnet's fabrics is based on the invitation, in the world of clothing, to broaden one’s horizons, to be open to an increasingly contemporary and sustainable thought that satisfies people’s innate desire to like themselves and choose natural types of fabric. Carnet’s fabrics, whether derived from organic or animal fibres, complement each other within the brand’s bunches, where elegance evolves into style. Cotton, linen, hemp, wool and silk thus accompany Carnet’s customers on a journey to discover a new concept of clothing.

A concept in which ethics and aesthetics coexist, where “beautiful” and “right” always go hand in hand. For this reason Carnet prefers eco-sustainable fibres and fabrics, and invests in initiatives aimed at raising awareness on these types of fabrics, since they are the best choice for both the individual and the health of the environment. 

Hemp fabrics, breathable and resistant

Not just fabrics, but also a lifestyle, this is the message presenting the Bellagio bunch dedicated to hemp, the “green gold” as ancient people used to define it. A real vegetable wonder from a simple plant, which only requires soil and very little water, with no need for pesticides or fertilisers, thus totally respecting the surrounding environment.

Hemp is a fibre characterized by high resistance to both breaks and wear and tear and, as a fabric, it boasts numerous benefits, for example it is cool in summer and hot in winter, as it blocks infra-red and ultraviolet rays.

Carnet has chosen and recommends this precious fabric for making clothes intended for both men and women, for a sustainable evolution capable of reflecting the rules of dressing well.

Fresh and comfortable cotton fabrics

In Carnet’s collections of fabrics, cotton is both structured and natural and has an important texture thanks to its endless facets. Being 95% cellulose, cotton is a light and soft material, characterized above all by a high absorption capacity.

Carnet’s cotton fabric stands out for the lightness of its ultra-fine yarn, for the vibrations of certain colour combinations, as well as for the design whose origins come from the Italian tailoring tradition.

Wool fabrics, with noble characteristics

The wool of Carnet’s collections combines heritage and modernity, craftsmanship tradition and continuous research to offer a high quality fabric with an unmistakably unique trait. Wool, cashmere, mohair, alpaca and angora fabrics become precious bases for creating jackets or suits characterized by timeless elegance that designs and shapes the male figure.

Wool, obtained from the shearing of sheep and similar animals, is one of the most widely used materials in the manufacturing of fabrics for clothing. Thanks to its extraordinary characteristics, this precious fibre insulates from both excessive cold and stifling heat, is water-repellent and, more than any other fibre, is resistant to creases.

Wool fabrics can provide tactile emotions that tell the richness of textures and surfaces, making each fabric a pure expression of stylistic freedom.

Linen fabrics: a material that combines beauty and sustainability

"Le lin est pour le couturier ce que le marbre est à la sculpture, une matière noble"

(Linen is to the tailor what marble is to the sculptor, a noble material)

Christian Dior 

With linen fabrics, Carnet goes back to its origins, thus remaining faithful to its sophisticated and elegant offering, which reinterprets this ancient fibre, 100% biodegradable and recyclable, which is perfect for creating garments for both men and women.

Thanks to linen, Carnet continues along the path it has decided to take, bringing the cultural aspects of summer fashion back to the fore, with half-lined jackets, dresses and destructured blazers, just to mention a few examples. 

With linen fabrics, joy lies in colours just as strength lies in sweetness. Linen is also a model fibre from the point of view of sustainability, because, due to the fact that it only needs rainwater, it is a type of natural fabric that fully respects the environment.

Ancient, elegant and fine silk fabrics 

"Silk does for the body, what diamonds do for the hand"

Oscar de la Renta

The silk fabrics of Carnet’s collections have a lightthread that combines one emotion with another, and imprinted in its DNA is the logic of taste and elegance. Carnet’s silk has a lightness that is reflected in the fabric as well as in design, because the ways to interpret this noble yarn, which comes to life from life itself, are as endless as the freedom to create a collection.

Shiny, light, and fresh, silk is the perfect fabric for ties and shirts, head-scarves and women’s dresses, increasingly underlining the relation between form and material. More than any other natural fabric, silk satisfies the classic canons of elegance, whilst adapting to contemporary styles and trends.

Furthermore, silk is a resource compatible with sustainable development, since it keeps its "natural" characteristic throughout the entire manufacturing process. Silk, just like linen, is a model fabric, a noble fibre that is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Natural fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes to safeguard the ecosystem

Choosing natural fabrics is the first informed step for those who care about the environment. It should be noted, however, that what makes fabrics environmentally-friendly is also the manufacturing process involving the fibre, namely all processes that transform it, giving it new life.

Fabrics wrap us every day, in every situation, it is for this reason that it is important to choose what best reflects our taste and our values. Floral and polka dot prints, geometric or figurative designs, luminous and opaque effects: study, tradition and innovation, attention to detail and environmental protection, combined with a constant search for originality... these are the elements with which we at Carnet make a difference.

Discover all our fabrics, which are the result of quality, creativity and endless passion

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