Modern fabrics: the best selection

Modern fabrics: the best selection


Modern fabrics: the best selection

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Modern fabrics represent a staple in the Carnet range. In fact, they are the starting point for the modern collections of the brand, in the name of pure performance, with an uncontaminated style in which every detail is dedicated to the fabric.

These modern fabrics form a collection full of energy, made from top quality raw materials that only the Carnet tradition, with its expansive vision of the world (and not just fashion) can transform into unique textures.

Carnet redesigns the fashion of tomorrow through a line of lively, reactive, high-performance fabrics that shape the physicality and stimulate the dynamism of the body, always remaining perfect and flawless thanks to the most advanced mix of textile innovations and finishing technologies. Through its collections, Carnet moves towards the search for versatility and comfort in a vortex of fabrics that convey all the modernity of Made in Italy, creating a new balance between satisfaction in dressing and technological performance.

Women’s fashion fabrics

The modern fabrics of the Carnet collections, gathered in the catalogues of women’s collections, are presented as ultra-light and weightless, characterised by three-dimensional elements such as the organza in fil coupé.

Regarding the prints, the overlapping of seemingly discordant designs catches the eye: waves and geometric patterns, natural elements over abstract motifs, curves and lines, all in a kaleidoscope of colours.

The sartorial aspects are also interpreted with a modern, three-dimensional twist: the raised embroideries are miniature sartorial masterpieces; the weaves are voluminous while the decorative elements are an interpretation of archival designs.

Men’s fashion fabrics

The modernity of the men’s fabrics, especially in wool, of the Carnet men’s collection did not suddenly arise to meet a need of the moment, but is the result of a complex process. Once again, we started from the group’s historical archives for a design that moves in unison with the development of new fashion trends in order to create a subtle elegance, with a deconstructed style that finds expression in everyday life.

In light of this, the modern fabrics take on an almost playful tone, the result of a new interpretation of the past, becoming soft and three-dimensional thanks to the raised structures and decorations, perfect to pair with eye-catching and light-hearted accessories.

The concept behind Carnet’s modern fabrics

The concept behind Carnet’s modern fabrics focuses on the movement of the backgrounds, with a careful use of mouliné yarns that have contributed to making checks and stripes less conventional. At the same time certain patterns, such as the Glen plaid, find a more modern look thanks to new gradient and shadow effects. Even traditional colours make room for different shades of blue, moving towards unusual shades for men’s fashion such as grey greens or aubergine tones. 

In Carnet’s new modern fabrics, modernity finds its highest expression, evolving into a sole dimension for wellbeing and ease combined with delightful irregularities that give the garments an unconventional touch.

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