Fabrics by the metre, Carnet’s essence

Fabrics by the metre, Carnet’s essence


Fabrics by the metre, Carnet’s essence

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Carnet has always been renowned for being a collector of excellence in the field of fabrics by the metre, an expression that has become increasingly popular in order to express, on the one hand, the quality of the project, and on the other hand, the possibility offered to tailor’s shops, designers, emerging stylists and garment makers to benefit from a production excellence that is appreciated even with respect to the centimetres of fabric necessary to create a garment.

Creativity in designs and colours, a great craftsmanship tradition combined with technological innovation mark the weaving of each fabric of Carnet's collections, leaving room for eclectic essential features and an alchemy of noble materials up to the surprise in choice.

This is the way men's and women's collections are created, expressing the essence of Carnet's style beyond changing fashion, for an approach to dressing tailored to the individual, which depends on the pleasure of exploring, finding and combining the items of clothing in one's own wardrobe. 

Carnet’s identity 

Associating the Carnet brand with the concept of fabrics by the metre is like providing a full and conscious vision of the brand's identity, interpreted with depth and care by the collaboration with the best wool manufacturers and textile companies of the Made in Italy that, through their production, have made Carnet’s collections a crucial factor in the world of fashion, which draws every day on the heritage of the past and on the new creations of the present.

As a leader in the field of fabrics by the metre, Carnet defines its role in the fashion system, with an identity that constantly interacts with the complexity and sensitivity of the contemporary tailoring culture.

Why choosing Carnet

In focusing on the business of fabrics by the metre, Carnet decidedly relies on the Italian character; sure enough, in a market saturated with products, the “Made in Italy” still represents a value capable of ensuring distinctiveness and quality.

The Italian character, or Italianness, is Carnet’s winning feature, defining the company’s soul, made of craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality: all these elements intertwine with the metres of fabrics manufactured season by season. This does not mean, however, that Carnet is not open to the outside world or fails to rely on its capacity to catch the new trends emerging in the world of fashion.

It means, instead, that there are sound bases to be able to anticipate the desires of partners and interlocutors in general, to dialogue and, last but not least, to demonstrate a special ability in choosing and advising.

For these reasons, the fabrics by the metre of Carnet’s collections intended for both men and women give life to new creative ideas, giving tailor’s shops and garment makers the chance to go beyond the limits of fineness or weight in the creation of garments. Ongoing technological innovation and stylistic and project research have enabled Carnet to make further progress in terms of performance of fabrics by the metre, which prove to be more versatile and perfect for garment making.

More than 300,000 fabrics by the metre

At Carnet, taking inspiration from new trends and mixing colours and designs allows for the creation, every season, of women’s collections in Carnet Couture and Carnet Style. A wide range of printed fabrics that is completed with special fabrics such as bouclé, rebrodé laces, fil coupé, jacquards and embroidery, further enriched by sequins and lurex threads.

Carnet also offers a range of fabrics intended for modern gentlemen, with over 40 bunches, each with its own style, its own language, a different way of experiencing contemporary elegance, ranging from cotton to velvet and the most precious wools.

Discover all our fabrics, which are the result of quality, creativity and endless passion

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