Carnet’s offer expands with a range of eco-friendly fabrics

Carnet’s offer expands with a range of eco-friendly fabrics


Carnet’s offer expands with a range of eco-friendly fabrics

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Carnet exemplifies Made in Italy as a reference point for the most important ateliers and tailors in the world, and continues to innovate while respecting tradition, eco-sustainable technology and total safety in every production phase.

Carnet’s eco-friendly fabrics are the result of Italian craftsmanship, a fundamental aspect made up of attention to detail, respect for the environment and a new sustainable interpretation of the dictates of fashion.   

These are the distinctive features of the eco-friendly fabrics by Carnet, a conduit of creativity and more, that has made the art of fabric its strength, a product it has always believed and invested in. Carnet’s eco-friendly fabrics are the result not only of a deeply rooted textile culture, but also of an imprinting aimed at innovation in the processing of natural fibres, representing the evolution of the brand. 

Sustainable fabrics

In order to remain a reliable partner, in terms of both production and service, Carnet has decided to meet the needs of a world in which sustainability, not just environmental, plays an increasingly important role. In its catalogues and bunches, Carnet has presented a curated series of eco-friendly fabrics in natural fibres such as GOTS organic silk and GOTS organic cotton, artificial fibres such as lyocell and FSC viscose, and synthetic fibres such as recycled polyester and recycled and regenerated nylon.

The eco-friendly fabric in GOTS-certified organic silk is characterised by the fact that the mulberries are grown without the use of harmful substances such as pesticides or insecticides. In addition, the silkworms do not undergo any treatment with medicines or antibiotics, and only certified oils are using during yarn spinning and throwing.

The same protocol is followed for the cultivation of the cotton base of the eco-friendly fabric. The fibre is cultivated using methods and products that have a low impact on the environment, avoiding the use of chemical fertilisers. Furthermore, the land is cultivated with a biological fertilisation system so as to not contaminate the purity of the raw material.

The eco-friendly fabric lyocell, used in the Carnet collections, is an artificial, hypoallergenic and biodegradable cellulosic fibre obtained from wood pulp.

When we talk about regenerated nylon we refer to the eco-friendly fabric derived from post-consumer nylon from, for example, fishing nets or swimwear collected worldwide. The advantage of this fibre is that is can be regenerated an infinite number of times without losing quality and performance.

Eco-friendly fabrics and certifications

Carnet’s eco-friendly fabrics move in unison with the certifications the group has obtained over the years to protect not only the masters who work within the company, but their experience and creativity too. 

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