Carnet womens' new collections

Carnet womens' new collections


Carnet womens' new collections

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Ornaments are the main character in the Carnet Couture F/W 18 collection.

A true sensorial experience that recalls hedonistic opulence that is expressed through the careful research of texture and style: the 3D effects find meaning in embroidery, fil coupé, velvet devorè, meanwhile wonderful fabrics such as cashmere, mohair, angora give a tactile pleasantness.

Flowers, lights, 3D effects, Oriental inflections: nature continues to be the leading character of the fabrics in          Carnet Style collection.

Vitality is also expressed in the search for the base textiles: a wide range of woolly fabrics, ecological furs and degradè jacquards for coats, high-technical fabrics, prints with a modern twist, embroideries and unique details that rewrite in a glamorous key the sense of freedom of expression.


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