Carnet selector of excellence in the textile industry

Carnet selector of excellence in the textile industry


Carnet selector of excellence in the textile industry


Whether it is summer or winter, the Carnet man will be welcomed by an infinite series of fabrics to make their own tailor-made suit. Traditionally the tailor used to go looking for their textiles, minutely controlling the various fabrics, the weaving and the colours in order to offer their clients the best. It is no different today. Tailors who buy Carnet can choose the textiles for suits for their clients and enjoy an extra opportunity: the possibility of buying clothing fabrics through the Carnet online service.

Textiles for clothes: the opportunity for online textiles

Carnet’s textiles for suits offer a complete vision of men’s clothing, redefining the rules in choosing fabrics for suits, on which the meticulous work of Italian tailors’ shops is based. While maintaining the cornerstones of this art, Carnet fabrics are offered to the public in an innovative way. The website lets clients quickly flick through all the bunches and prints with a simple click. Through photos and detailed descriptions, tailors can filter textiles and choose that most suitable for their needs.

Fabrics for suits: bunches and collections for a quality choice

But what are these fabrics?The ultimate goal of Carnet’s search for beauty is the perfect men’s suit, elegant and stylish. Through careful selection of weaves and colours, in its collections Carnet brings together textiles for every occasion. The Prince of Wales pattern in wool, ideal to make overcoats and jackets, definitely one of the cornerstones of the men’s collection. Second, but not in terms of importance, the Pinstripe, in pure linen and in wool to adapt it to every seasonal need.

Alongside the classic style of these cuts, Carnet is expanding the choice of its fabrics for suits by introducing the concept of personalising jackets, with a selection of textiles for the lining.

This section of the Narciso and Bemberg collections is a triumph of personality and uniqueness which adapts the tradition to the modern interpretation of self-expression. The unmistakable feature of these fabrics is provided by the colours, such as yellow or electric blue, alongside which there are other varieties which range from the most elegant geometric forms, such as Paisley, to lively designs in a pop art style.

The colour palette of fabrics

In the process of personalisation, colour plays an important role. Carnet carefully chooses the tones which are most suitable for its fabrics for suits. Classic greys, browns and beiges are joined by reds, oranges and greens, in all their diversity. Then, among them all, the Blue Collection was made to show the endless nuances of this colour which is symbolic of style and elegance.

Discover all our fabrics, which are the result of quality, creativity and endless passion

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