Carnet dialogues with Italian tailors

Carnet dialogues with Italian tailors


Carnet dialogues with Italian tailors

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On the scene of Italian tailoring, there are made-to-measure suits created by tailors and tailor-made garments. The common denominator that unites these two worlds, with endless metres of fabrics, is the Carnet brand, whose mission revolves around a methodical approach that proceeds with major and recurring themes, based on the fabric collections contained within the bunches.

In this dialogue between Italian tailoring and Carnet there is a continuous creative exchange where, on the one hand, there is a desire to keep offering new and high-performance fabrics and, on the other, the demand to combine the classic and the contemporary in order to satisfy new expectations. This, after all, is the very meaning of the word fashion: a cultural form that feeds on heritage to give life to new collections in the present. 

The place where this takes shape is undoubtedly inside the shops of Italian tailors: a place where the tailor has an aptitude for the contamination of stylistic languages in addition to a natural propensity for multitasking. This makes it possible to satisfy a varied and demanding clientele.

Italian fabrics and tailoring: a combination of style

Italian tailoring has always been a hotbed of ideas, where stylistic possibilities are constantly explored, seeking, on the one hand, to meet the customers’ requests and, on the other hand, to enhance the beauty behind every fold of fabric.

This combination of Carnet fabric with the tailor’s needle and thread is what creates a balance between the lines and the contours of the volumes, resulting in a suit where the aesthetics of a small detail, such as a buttonhole, becomes an absolute necessity.

It is the tailor’s job to build around the figure, using the utmost lightness in case of a feminine silk suit or exalting personalisation in the case of a double-breasted men’s suit, finding his own voice between the cutting and sewing that achieves balanced proportions and the contemporaneity of his style. 

The tailor’s art

The shops of Italian tailors are home to imagination and experience, because in order to design a suit it is necessary to study and understand proportions, know the hand and the hold of a fabric and, last but not least, concretely translate a desire

Italian tailoring is one of the last bastions in which the design and the creation of a garment depend on the tailor’s talent, who, wisely, knows how to dose the fabrics and cuts to create a small masterpiece from wool, silk or other noble materials. Direct knowledge of the profession is what most distinguishes a tailor from a stylist.

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