Carnet changes suit

Carnet changes suit


Carnet changes suit

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After decades of growth and development, the beginning of this new decade of 21st century calls for a restyling of the logo and of the entire coordinated image of the Carnet brand. The goal of this new beginning is to respond to the need for speed and dynamism demanded by today’s market and by the world of fashion, reinforcing communication through the use of images, without compromising the content and quality of its fabrics.  

The new logo, modelled around a coat of arms whose waves convey the constant creative freedom of the brand, is presented in a more contemporary version in which the colour combinations of saffron combined with the different gradations of black restate the simplicity of the brand. This is the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Carnet, one that accentuates its openness to the world, encapsulating within it both the past and the future, while at the same time settling on Como as the chosen base for this new adventure. 

The noble allure of the new Carnet image pursues a path along which classic beauty becomes modern, marking a turning point, in terms of excellence and authenticity, in the history of the brand. 

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