Blue Collection and Lux Overcoat

Blue Collection and Lux Overcoat


Blue Collection and Lux Overcoat

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Building in certainty, this is the starting point of the two new Carnet bunches. An inclination for the classical in a collection of uncontaminated style, where every detail is made under the sign of quality. A line born from wools of absolute and unquestionable quality, that only Carnet’s great tradition, with its gaze always open to the world, allows to research and offer.



The Blue Collection represents, par excellence, the rhapsody of this colour, with its own selection of exclusive fabrics for suits and jackets, declined according to different weights, compositions and nuances. Blue has always been a colour that shuns doubts, being deep and severe as well as light and romantic. It is an inevitable shade for a contemporary and cosmopolitan wardrobe. 

Carnet chooses blue as symbol of style, trait d’union between dignity and elegance, in which every nuance is dosed to the millimeter in perfect balance.

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For Carnet, elegance is a necessary quality, revealed through the fold of its fabrics obtained from the finest materials in the world: pure wool, blend in cashmere and pure cashmere for coats and trenches by the tailoring book.

Garments, real connection between generations, that have in common the pleasure of beauty and of elegance even in the coldest season. Inescapable choice for next winter, the new bunch brings together fabrics balanced between classicism and modernity, all referring to the history of the brand without giving up that touch of contemporary eclecticism.

 fabrics for menswear

Carnet, with these two bunches, redesigns the fashion of tomorrow with a line of bright fabrics, capable of conveying style and tangible contents, intended for all those who can appreciate creativity and elegance. 

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