A wide choice of on-line fabrics for men and women

A wide choice of on-line fabrics for men and women


A wide choice of on-line fabrics for men and women

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Carnet’s fabrics have always combined heritage and modernity, artisan experience and continuous research to offer, even on-line, a high quality product, with an unmistakably unique trait to an increasingly demanding and multifaceted clientele.

Carnet’s bunches contain fabrics as if they were precious objects of a future wardrobe characterized by a sober, timeless elegance that defines one’s figure according to the essential canons of elegance.

Carnet’s fabrics offer endless tactile emotions, lying in the rich textures and in the preciousness of the weft: all these elements make each fabric an expression of stylistic freedom that has always characterised the creativity of the brand.

On-line craftsmanship

A completely Made in Italy handcrafted know-how which is always open to the trends and needs of contemporary connoisseurs through its on-line offering of fabrics, in a constant search for excellence and exclusivity also in the digital world.

Being present on the website with its own on-line clothing fabrics is a commitment that Carnet has chosen with the intention to strike a balance between the genius of master tailors and digital innovation. This is an unusual combination that, however, starts from the most authentic respect for the art of tailoring to offer and allow tailors to have an additional tool in the exclusive choice of Carnet’s fabrics.

A wide range of fabrics for men’s and women’s clothing, for an ongoing generation of ideas for garments with prints and patterns that follow the latest fashion trends.

On-line sale of fabrics for a digital public

The choice made by Carnet to continue to offer its clothing fabrics on-line must be interpreted as a further step towards the excellence of the brand. Collection after collection, not only do Carnet’s fabrics want to be fashionable, they also want to tell their digital clientele the experience of those who know the codes of style, and rely on on-line services to experiment a new language made of images, suggestions and, last but not least, words to tell the beauty of these fabrics.

Through the pages of its website, Carnet wants to tell something that cannot be touched by hand, wants to have customers experience the wise bouquet of each fold, the rigour of the weft and warp, showing even the most hidden facets and, last but not least, the style of the brand made of a fine simplicity where everything is at the service of the fabric.

Why buying fabrics on-line? 

A web platform (www.carnet.it) is available to show the wide offering of fine and exclusive on-line clothing fabrics of Men’s and Women’s collections, broken down by brand, type and composition, in order to create made-to-measure garments.

Carnet provides a 24-hour service thanks to which its range of fabrics can be explored thoroughly, with the chance to know in real time the availability of products in stock through the STOCK ENQUIRY” function. It is an added value for its customers, which makes Carnet always at the forefront and capable of ensuring an excellent service, where each item has a dedicated data sheet with images, technical description and some ideas for unique creations.

Each customer has access to a personalized profile, where he or she, in addition to consulting the real-time availability of fabrics offered for sale on-line, will have a chance to view the price and order the fabric of interest directly on-line. An order history is available to monitor shipping and payment transactions, along with a “wish list” where customers can save their preferred fabrics for a quicker and more specific search.

We invite customers to view our on-line catalogue of products:


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