Carnet takes part in the “ Textile design talents Solstudio Award”

Carnet takes part in the “ Textile design talents Solstudio Award”


Carnet takes part in the “ Textile design talents Solstudio Award”

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On March 20th Carnet has been invited by SolStudio to take part as member of the jury at “Textile Design Talents Solstudio Award”, a contest aiming to encourage and bring young local designers to the eye of Russian textile market, which is expanding rapidly in the country.

This project goals to discover the best talents in the textile industry and to widen the professional horizons for them, showing the opportunities of professional and personal development in the textile design sector.

272 participants, students but also many professionals, from 30 cities in 9 countries send their designs for the competition.  The winners of this edition are:

First prize – Sophia Eliseeva, 28 years, Moscow

Second prize – Vasilina Tolmacheva, 36 years, Moscow

Third prize – Darina Birulina, 24 years, Saint Petrsbourg

And a special prize from Soyuzlegprom went to Maksim Krylov, 27 years, Ivanovo.

Ratti and Carnet believe and invest in the young generations trying to discover and collaborate with international students, in order to foster cross-cultural growth.

Carnet had the honor and the pleasure to award the first winner of the contest with a special prize: Sophia Eliseeva had the opportunity to spend an internship in Ratti, to discover the culture of printing, the heritage of the company, one of the excellence of Made in Italy, and to improve her knowledges in the textile industry.


Together with Carnet, other illustrious members took part to the jury in order to highlight the authority of the award: 

Viktor Evtukhov – Vice-Minister of Ministry of Production and Trade of Russia

Andrey Razbrodin – President of The Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry

Roman Petrucza – Head of Industrial Development Fund

Elena Dybova – Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation

Victor Cherepov – Executive Vice-President of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

Tatiana Golendeeva – First Vice Deputy Head of Federal Customs Service

Maksim Protasov – Head of Roskachestvo (Russian Quality System)

SOYUZLEGPROM - largest association of textile companies in Russia

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